A partnership between the TOAR data centre and OpenAQ

The TOAR data centre and the OpenAQ initiative have established a partnership to allow integration of OpenAQ data into the next Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report. OpenAQ collects near-real-time air quality observations from over 90 countries and makes them available with a mission to fight “air inequality”. The OpenAQ data collection comprises many countries which have not yet established direct relations to TOAR. The addition of OpenAQ data to the TOAR database, therefore, helps to reduce data gaps in the TOAR assessment. The strengths of the TOAR database are its data harmonization, metadata enhancement, and data curation. Through the JOIN  web interface, all data in the TOAR database are easily accessible and can be analyzed online. Integrating OpenAQ data into the TOAR database will, therefore provide new means of analyzing data to OpenAQ users. Through funding from the IntelliAQ project, the TOAR data centre supported an OpenAQ effort to enhance their metadata model. This makes OpenAQ data more reliable and facilitates data integration into TOAR. Martin Schultz, the team leader of the TOAR data centre, has been appointed as a member of the OpenAQ scientific advisory panel.

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