TOAR-II in IGAC 2021 Virtual Conference

TOAR-II participates in the IGAC 2021 conference!

For the 2021 virtual conference, IGAC’s scientific program will center its scientific program around its current working groups and activities.  This will highlight the exciting work being done as part of IGAC, grow the networks of these working groups and activities, and expose new scientists to the year-round work IGAC does. IGAC will also have an open science session for atmospheric chemistry research that does not fit into any current working groups or activities. We hope this will expose any gaps in IGAC’s current activities and serve as a poll for the atmospheric community on the next big questions in atmospheric chemistry. 

You can still register to attend here, up until September 1st, 2021. 

Schedule (all times in UTC)
Sunday, September 12
14-16: Social time and interactive scavenger hunt; introduction to
Monday, September 13
10-12: Japan National Committee Session
12-13: Welcome to IGAC2021 and Q&A (also available by recorded video and documentation)
13-14: Papers that Shaped Tropospheric Chemistry (invited plenary by Paul Monks)
14-17: Poster Break and Networking in
Tuesday, September 14
4-6:     MANGO Session
10-12: ACAM Session
12-14: GEIA Session
14-15: Poster Break and Networking in
15-17: COVID-19 and Air Quality Special Session
19-21: Americas Working Group Session
Wednesday, September 15
10-12: ANGA Working Group Session
12-14: MAP-AQ Session
14-15: Poster Break and Networking in
15-17: AMIGO Session
20-21: Southern Hemispheres Working Group Session A 
Thursday, September 16
6-7:    Southern Hemispheres Working Group Session B
10-12 China Working Group Session
12-14: TOAR-II Session
14-16: CCMI Session
16-17: Poster Break and Networking in
Friday, September 17
9-12:  Poster Break and Networking in
12-14: CATCH Session
14-16: PACES Session

For more information about this event please visit IGAC virtual event.

Photo by Samantha Borges on Unsplash

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